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Shushen Herbals Rejuva Gold capsule

    Rejuva Gold capsule

    • Power of Ayurveda and earth to your rescue
    • One capsule infinite benefits.
    • Rejuva Gold Capsule is an Ayurvedic Herbo- Mineral formula. It contains powerful micro-elements like Swarna Bhasma, Chandi, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin-C, etc.
    • It provides necessary dose of micro-nutrients. It is a powerful ayurvedic immunity booster, and provide 24x7 energy
    • Best Suitable for Kids and Adults
    Rs. 350
      Shushen Herbals Boosts Immunity


      Shushen Herbals Increases Energy


      Shushen Herbals 100% Ayurvedic


      Shushen Herbals No Artifical Ingredients

      No Artifical

      Shushen Herbals Backed by our promise

      Backed by
      our promise

      Shushen Herbals Time-tested


      Start your day with Immunity and Energy

      Powerpack ayurvedic solution for a fatigue-free life!!

      Shushen Herbals Stay active and energetic all day

      Stay active and energetic all day

      Recharge your body, mind and soul with a power-packed ayurvedic capsule. No more fatigue, weakness, or low immunity. Take one capsule of Rejuva every day and boosts your natural immunity and energy.

      Shushen Herbals Rejuvenate your body with essential micro elements

      Rejuvenate your body with essential micro elements

      We know you’re ambitious and too busy to fulfil your goals but your body needs what it needs. So, we cover it all for you. Powerful dose of Ayurveda for you and your family. Rejuva Gold provides necessary micro-elements like gold, silver, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins etc.

      Shushen Herbals 24x7 high immunity and high energy

      24x7 high immunity and high energy

      Made up of pure ayurvedic and earthy micro-elements to provide your body that necessary dose of immunity and energy. An everyday dose of one Rejuva Capsule provides 24x7 energy and high immunity.


      Shushen herbals SWARN BHASMA

      Swarn Bhasma

      shushen herbals Loh Bhasma

      Loh Bhasma

      shushen herbals Abhrak Bhasma

      Abhrak Bhasma

      shushen herbals Arka Patra


      What causes liver problem

      Why Rejuva Gold ?

      Much like Macronutrients for example Protein, Carbohydrates and Amino Acids our body most importantly needs micronutrients which provides fundamental nutrition to the body.

      Due to our busy lifestyle, workaholic life, unhealthy eating habits and consumption of adulterated or chemically treated food we often end up with a deficiency of essential micro-elements like iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, gold, etc.

      The deficiency of these elements causes everyday fatigue, mood swings, demotivation, higher stress levels, lower immunity. Moreover, it increases the chances of various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, stress, blood pressure, thyroid, heart problems, digestive problems, insomnia, cancer, etc to a very significant level.

      The whole world is shifting back to Ayurveda to live a healthy and happy life

      Science behind Rejuva

      Shushen Herbal’s Rejuva Gold Capsule is an ayurvedic capsule. It contains authentic bhasms and minerals prescribed in Ayurveda for a rejuvenating life. It boosts immunity and provides all-day energy.

      Science behind Rejuva Swarna Bhasma

      Swarna Bhasma

      It is an extraordinary ayurvedic ingredient. It improves blood flow in the body. It has great anti-oxidant properties, great anti-toxin properties, and it also stimulates the natural production of power hormones in the body which provides quick confidence and energy.

      Read More
      Science behind Rejuva Yashad bhasma

      Yashad bhasma

      An ancient source of zinc. Made by fine processing of pure zinc with aloe vera juice. It provides immunity booster properties and anti-viral properties.

      Read More
      Science behind Rejuva Praval Pisti

      Praval Pisti

      The most efficient form of calcium source in Ayurveda. It increases bone density and provides strength to bones.

      Read More
      Science behind Rejuva Vang Bhasm

      Vang Bhasm

      It is an ancient ingredient with excellent rejuvenation properties. It increases blood flow and has aphrodisiac properties.

      Read More

      Benefits of Rejuva Gold Capsule

      Boosts immunity

      Boosts immunity

      Improves energy levels

      Improves energy levels

      Reduces fatigue

      Reduces fatigue

      Improves performance

      Improves performance

      Improves confidence

      Improves confidence

      Natural glow on the skin

      Natural glow on the skin

      Healthy Hair

      Healthy Hair

      Recommended Dosage

      Rejuva Gold capsule Recommended Dosage
      Shushen herbals Dosage
      • 1 capsule a day before your first meal is recommended for all-day energy.
      • It is advisable to include Rejuva gold in your everyday meal.
      • Improves immunity and keep you healthy all day long.

      Our Promise For Your Healthy,
      Longer and Happy Life !!

      Time tested ayurvedic remedies.

      Ayush Approved


      Recommended by doctors

      by doctors

      Pure Ayurvedic


      Easy to Consume

      Easy to

      Frequently Asked Questions

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