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Perfection at every step.
Ayush Ministry Approved
25 years of R&D
Chemical Free
Pure & Unprocessed
Trusted by ayurvedic doctors
Locally Produced

Nature, science and beyond.


Rs. 350

Rejuva Gold capsule

Rs. 350

Ayush Kwath

Rs. 325

Giloy Powder

Rs. 300

Giloy Ghanvati

Rs. 190

Acidonil Powder

Rs. 295
Renew your body naturally by Shushen Herbals
Renew your
body naturally

Gentle, loving care for your body is the best way to deal with symptomatic problems.

At Shushen Herbals, we offer natural medicines that nudge the underlying problems and fill the gaps completely. As a result, you experience complete freedom from the problem in the long term.

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Chyawanprash is a combination of potent and nutrition rich ingredients like Amla, Chandan, Kesar, Jaggery, Pushkarmool etc.
Rs. 350
Trust Sushen Herbal
Trust Shushen Herbals

Founded in 1994, Shushen Herbal is the brainchild & the result of years of experience of the renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Anil Agrawal. His utmost respect towards the source of raw materials has led the company to develop effective medicines that have changed thousands of lives for the better.