Acidonil Plus Powder | Ayurvedic Acidity Reliever | 200 g
Acidonil Plus Powder | Ayurvedic Acidity Reliever | 200 g
Acidonil Plus Powder | Ayurvedic Acidity Reliever | 200 g
Acidonil Plus Powder | Ayurvedic Acidity Reliever | 200 g

    Acidonil Plus Powder | Ayurvedic Acidity Reliever | 200 g

    Tired of acidity and gas?

    Presenting Acidonil Plus Powder from Shushen Herbals

    • Shushen Herbal Acidonil Plus Powder is prepared from high quality herbs like Amla, Sonth, Nisoth, Eliachi, Sajji khar, Kapoor kachri etc. which provide long term soothing effect in acidity, Bloating and burning sensation.
    • Best suitable ayurvedic formulation for those with digestive issues.
    • Provides acidity relief to those suffering from poor diet, overeating, reflux and gastric problems.
    • 100% safe ayurvedic powder formulation for gas which provide instant and long term effects
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      Shushen Herbals Acidity Solution


      Shushen Herbals Plant Based

      acid levels

      Shushen Herbals Vegan


      Shushen Herbals No Artifical Ingredients

      Long term

      Shushen Herbals No Allergies

      Relief from
      Acid reflux

      Shushen Herbals No Perservatives


      Your best bet for a healthy gut

      Acidonil is an all-natural ayurvedic solution for all your acidity related problems and improves gut health.

      Shushen Herbals a healthy diet and eat without pain

      Maintain a healthy diet and eat without pain

      Live a hassle-free life without having to worry about acidity and gas related problems. Acidonil powder manage the excess secretion of acid and restores levels to their normal state, thus offering quick and long lasting relief.

      Shushen Herbals Relief from burning and reflux

      Relief from burning and reflux

      Your favourite food can sometimes cause you burning sensation in chest it is due to reflux of acid from stomach. Acidonil is developed using prime Ayurveda science and provides comfort against burning sensation in the chest and stomach.

      Shushen Herbals Eternal freedom from chronic disorders

      Eternal freedom from acidity and gas problems

      Acidity leaves people vulnerable to lifelong acidity problems and stomach issues. Consisting of 20 ayurvedic herbs in proper combination, Acidonil stimulates healthier digestion by managing acids in food absorption and prevents related problems.


      Shushen herbals Bhumi Amla


      shushen herbals Punarnava


      shushen herbals Navsaar


      shushen herbals Arka Patra



      All Ingredients

      • Harad
      • Baheda
      • Amla
      • Sonth
      • Kali Mirch
      • Pippali
      • Lavang
      • Nishot
      • Elaichi
      • Vaividang
      • Nagarmotha
      • Tejpatra
      • Sita
      • Kamdhoodha ras
      • Sajjikhar
      • Kapoor kachari
      What causes liver problem

      Why Acidonil Powder?

      The adoption of unhealthy lifestyle choices in today's fast-paced world has resulted in bad eating habits in people. This leads to stomach problems.

      Acidity cannot be managed by acid control tablets because they only reduce acidity levels but do not address the underlying factors that lead to stomach issues in the digestive system. People suffer because of unhealthy diets and overconsumption of caffeine, junk food and fatty acids.

      Acidonil powder balances the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body, reducing the risk of many stomach problems.

      Ayurveda science has proven time and again that regularly consuming natural products is the solution to effective long-term acidity relief. Acidonil Powder is therefore your best bet for all gastric issues.

      The Science behind Acidonil

      Shushen Herbals Acidonil Powder is an ayurvedic cure to stimulate the digestive system and restore acidity levels. It relies on ancient scientific principles and has a combination of natural ingredients to soothe burning sensations and pain.

      how it works Amla


      It has been recognised in ayurveda since time immemorial for its antioxidant and acid balancing properties and ability to repair damaged cells. It also helps purify the body of toxins.

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      how it works Elaichi


      A widely used spice in Indian cooking, Elaichi is known to provide relief from dry throat. It reduces swelling and repairs damaged tissues. Moreover, it is beneficial for the smooth functioning of the bowel and kidney and helps ensure proper digestion.

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      how it works Pippali


      It is known to be one of the most reliant digestive stimulants in ayurveda. It helps improve the appetite and curbs heartburn, bloating and flatulence. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it effective against excess acid and heal stomach.

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      how it works Giloy Satva

      Giloy Satva

      Rich in antibacterial and anti-toxin properties, giloy satva is known to be an ancient solution in Ayurveda science for ailments that affect the bowels. It helps in the purification of blood and provides long-term acidic relief.

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      Benefits of Acidonil Powder

      Restores acid levels

      Restores acid levels

      Improves digestion

      Improves digestion

      Manages bowel issues

      Manages bowel issues

      Prevents constipation and bloating

      Prevents constipation and bloating

      Reduces obesity

      Reduces obesity

      Permanent acidity relief

      Permanent acidity relief

      Anti-oxidising properties

      Anti-oxidising properties

      Recommended Dosage

      Recommended Dosage Acidonil Powder
      Recommended Dosage Acidonil Powder
      • 1 teaspoon twice a day in water is advised to get the best results.
      • It is recommended to consume Acidonil everyday for long term benefits. However, daily consumption does not make one habitual.
      • Will ensure long-term relief from acidity and digestive disorders.

      Our Promise For Your Healthy,
      Longer and Happy Life !!

      Time tested ayurvedic remedies.

      Ayush Approved


      Recommended by doctors

      by doctors

      Pure Ayurvedic


      Easy to Consume

      Easy to

      Frequently Asked Questions

      It can happen because of many reasons. But main two reasons are poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Like over eating, not drinking enough water, not sleeping on time, over usage of effervescent tablets and powders. etc.
      It is an ayurvedic combination of 30+ herbs which not only reduces acidity but also work on the root causes of acidity. Everyday usage of Acidonil Plus Powder can reduce the risk of GERD, IBS, and bring digestive system to it's normal functioning.
      Yes! It is a doctor recommended herbal powder.It is AYUSH MINISTRY approved, WHO-GMP Certified and contains no preservatives. It can be taken 365 days without any worry.
      Effervescent tablets or powders are temporary quick fix. They instantly provide relief from acidity by reducing the pH of acid in our stomach but it doesn't fix the root cause of acidity thus it is not recommended.
      No they are not good. Antacids are Over the counter drugs they provide temporary relief from acidity but everyday usage increases the problem of acidity.
      Yes! Acidonil Plus provides long term relief from all types of Gastroesophageal issues. It has Amla, Ginger, Nisoth etc which reduces the burning sensation and acid reflux.
      It is recommended to avoid spicy food, avoid over eating, drink plenty of water, avoid pulses, and packaged food.