Swadisht Virechan Churna Benefits

Swadisht Virechan Churna Benefits

on November 20, 2021

Swadisht Virechan powder is effective because it complements the efforts an individual makes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its standardized formula means that its effects are the same for every person.

Additionally, it offers a fresh start for individuals struggling with constipation and skin issues so that can take rectifying measures not to feel those issues again.

Why is Swadisht Virechan Churna Used?

Virechan powder has individual benefits in preventing constipation, gas build-up, and promoting healthy bowel movement in the body, making the combination a one-stop solution for all the stomach needs.

The benefits of all products used in the making means that Swadisht Virechan churna is also an antibacterial agent that is effective as a dietary supplement and to treat skin issues involving itchiness and redding.

Swadisht Virechan powder is a standardized and balanced formulation, it can be used even if you have any doshas. It also acts to work on Pitta dosha and helps in cleansing the negative results from the dosha and keeps the body healthy.

Swadisht Virechan Churna Ingredients and Uses

The key ingredients are fennel, Mulethi, Sanna leaves, and liquorice primarily. Other additives can include sulphur and shuddha gandhak because all of them add their own benefits like


  • It helps in reducing swelling after an injury
  • It removes excess gas build up in the stomach and the intestines
  • It controls the growth of unwanted bacteria
  • It inhibits the oxidisation effect of free radicals in the cells
  • It manages the pH levels in the stomach
  • It aids in providing relief in allergies


  • It helps manage swelling after an injury
  • It aids in better digestion and food absorption
  • It regulates the growth of bacteria inside the stomach
  • It helps in regulating body temperature, particularly during a fever
  • It helps in managing the cough and mucus in the respiratory tract during infections
  • It helps in eliminating microbial pathogens

Shuddha Gandhak


  • It helps in improving the bowel movements and provides relief during constipation
  • It is used in medicines that are manufactured for constipation
  • It helps in managing the growth of microbial pathogens

Benefits of Swadisht Virechan Churna and Its Action   Swadisht virechan Benefits

Senna leaves contain an alkaloid called Sennoside. This alkaloid stimulates the bowel muscles and causes laxation in the body. However, the flipside is that the stimulation, if left as it is, can worsen.

For that purpose, it is important to make sure that the irritation is soothed, and the side effects are managed.

It is here that liquorice helps. It combats the negative effects of Sennoside by soothing the lining of the alimentary canal.

Fennel seeds also help by reducing the cramps that the effects of Sennoside causes, making the whole affair painless.

While these are the primary ingredients, other additives help too.

Purified Sulphur, for example, creates a laxative action and helps in relieving constipation.

Shuddha Gandhak helps in easing the pain from the itching or the burning sensations.

Combined with all the other ingredients, it also has the effect of detoxifying the body, which in turn improves the efficiency of other medicines that are used to treat other diseases.

Dosage Suggestions

While the general single maximum dosage at a time is only one teaspoon, the total prescribed amount may vary. For example, in children between 2-12 years, a single maximum dose advised is only 250mg while the total intake could be based on the weight of the child.

As always, it is advisable to take it as per the prescribed amounts.

Additionally, this churna works best when ingested orally and taken with lukewarm water.

While there is no limitation on when to take it, it was shown to be most effective when taken before sleeping, at night. However, there are restrictions on whether to take it before or after a meal.

Are There Any Side Effects of Swadisht Virechan Churna?

There have been no side effects reported for this product. As with much of Ayurveda, side effects are non-existent with this product.

All the studies seem to show that it is a highly tolerable medicine for use. But it is still advisable to consult the doctor before using the product.

This churna doesn’t have any side effects during pregnancy either. However, it’s important to remember that the normal dosages can’t be taken here.

Please always consult your medical practitioner before taking any dosages.


Gut health is important for overall health because it balances all the doshas in your body. An essential element of gut health is being able to pass stool well.

However, things like lack of physical activity, insufficient water intake, and poor diet apart from other health issues can impact that and cause constipation.

Constipation ends up causing headaches, feeling bloated, and a host of issues that can cause illnesses in the long run. It has been known to be linked to depression, vomiting, and fatigue.

Allopathic medicines have a lot of unwanted side effects. They can have addiction risks and cause problems depending on the allergies that a person have. They also have strict guidelines on when to consume the medicines

Ayurveda does not have that problem. Since all the products are natural, there are no risks of allergies or addiction.

It is perfectly safe to consume this product. Since there are no restrictions on its consumption as well, this makes for a safer, healthier, and a better alternative to allopathic medicines.


What is Swadisht Virechan Churna?

Swadisht Virechan powder is an ayurvedic medicine that is used for constipation. It also helps with detoxification of the body. Apart from constipation, it also helps with skin diseases that are characterized by a lot of itchiness and excessive AMA toxin formation. Swadisht Virechan Churna can also help in rectifying Pitta Dosha .

How Should You Take Swadisht Virechan Churna?

Swadisht Virechan powder is best taken orally with lukewarm water. There isn’t a specified time when you should take it. You can take it before or after meals as well. However, some studies show that it is effective if taken before sleeping.

What are the Ingredients in Swadisht Virechan Churna?

Swadisht Virechan Churna ingredients include Fennel Seeds, Senna Leaves, Shuddha Gandhak, Liquorice, Mulethi, and purified Sulphur. Senna leaves are the primary products that help in relieving constipation while the others are useful in negating the side effects of Senna leaves, making this product safe for everyone.

What are Swadisht Virechan Churna Uses?

Swadisht Virechan Churna is useful in treating constipation and gastritis problems. It also helps in detoxifying the body by removing any build-up of toxins like AMA. Additionally, the products in Swadisht Virechan Churna also help in regulating microbial pathogens, keeping your stomach and intestines clean and safe.

What are Swadisht Virechan Churna Side Effects?

There are no Swadisht Virechan Churna side effects. While it is safe in pregnancy, it is advisable to take your doctor’s opinion before starting this product. In pregnancy, do not go beyond 2g of the product at a time. It is also safe for children to use.

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Rs. 265

Swadisht Virechan Churna

Rs. 225

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