Shushen Herbal was founded in 1994 at Vidisha (MP) by Dr. Anil Agrawal. He started his career as Ayurveda Physician at his clinic.
During his initial years of ayurvedic medicine practice he got opportunity to treat Jain priests. Though importance of purity and quality
of raw ayurvedic medicine is 
involved while treating all the patients, special care was taken with respect to  quality of raw material as well
as process to prepare medicines for Jain monks. 
Miraculous effects of the treatment which was being given to monks were seen. It practically
became apparent that if quality of raw material and process of 
preparation/ manufacturing is given uttermost importance, ayurved can do
miracles for curing various diseases. With this vision in mind, Shushen Herbal was incorporated to provide high quality ayurvedic medicines
in the form of powder which can be used by ayurveda practitioners to prepare various combinations or 
in the form of finished
products which can be directly prescribed.

Company initially started with the name of Shivayu Herbal in year 1994 and got its new and presently known name 'Shushen Herbals' in year 2001.
'Shushen' comes from the name of Vaidya Shushen who was the Raj Vaidya (royal physician) of Ravana's kingdom. Vaidya Shushen was famous for
his command on Ayurveda . 
With the help of Hanuman jee, vedh shushen saved life of Lord Ram's brother Laxman ji by prescribing 'Sanjeevani Booti'
which was found only on Himalayas. 
We at Shushen takes care of quality. Quality is paramount for us. We manufacture tablets, capsules, syrup, oils,
lotions, ointments, hair oils etc. 



To provide better quality life to people and enrich them with the true essence of Ayurveda.



To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling by 2020.